Mention Of Pulsars In The Quran

What Exactly Is A Pulsar?
Animation of Pulsar
At the end of their life stars transform into a different form depending on the mass of the star as I told you in detail in Quran Miracles: Blackholes. One of the forms that stars transform at their end is Neutron stars. They created when large massive stars die in supernovas and their cores collapse, with the protons and electrons melting into each other to form neutrons. Neutrino Stars are heavy mass stars that keep on fusing heavy and heavy elements until they end up at Iron. As I told you in Part 18, you cannot get energy out of fusing Iron. The star collapse and electron combine with the proton to make neutrons.

Atoms As Heavy As Mountains
Half Full Spoon With Coffee
If a neutron star were any denser, it would collapse and convert into a black hole and disappear. They are very dense 1.4 to 3 solar masses in a radius of 10 km. One spoonful of matter from a neutron star would weigh about a billion tons or more than the weight of many mountains on earth, and if we drop that spoonful matter on earth, it would pierce it and end up in its center. Just think of it, a spoonful of any matter on earth hardly weighs more than a few grams.

Picture Showing HoleNeutron stars are considered to be the fastest spinning objects in the universe. Neutron stars sometimes become Pulsars as because of gravitational pull and angular momentum they start spinning so much so that they rotate as fast as 716 times/s. If you manage to stand on the equator of the fastest known pulsar, the rotational velocity would be about 1/10 the speed of light i.e almost 30000km/s. They emit radiation light in beams. When first observed, they were thought as LGM (Little Green Men) or Aliens, because they were emitting so fast and continuous sort of signal like some intelligent being was sending that. You can think of Neutrino star as hearing rather than seeing beams of light as the beams are in radio waves spectrum. But you could hear it precisely as a beep or as a knocking or vibrating sound.

Miracle Of Quran Surah Tariq
Now, look at what the Quran says almost 1400 years ago in Surah Tariq verses 1-3.

وَالسَّمَاءِ وَالطَّارِقِ

٢ وَمَا أَدْرَاكَ مَا الطَّارِقُ

٣ النَّجْمُ الثَّاقِبُ

By the sky and the night comer –

And what can make you know what is the night comer?

It is the piercing star.

Meaning of Word Tariq “طَّارِقِ”
Hand knocking the doorThe word طَّارِقِ translated by early Commentators of Quran as طَّارِقِ as such, taken for a name and left untranslated or as “Morning Star” “Bright Star” or as “Night comer.” While the literal meaning of طَّارِقِ is “one who knocks at the door.” The meaning “Night Comer” derived from it because in past times in Arabia the one who comes at night usually knocks the door as in the day time doors remained opened or no need of informing your arrival or entry. It is taken as “Night comer” or “Early morning comer” or “star” because that makes sense for past people as they could not associate any sense and meaning of literal meaning of the word and this verse. But it contains all the meanings for the coming generations. That is for the previous human generations this verse was giving a sense as per their time, and for us again, the verse has the capacity that it gives new meaning as per our modern understanding of science.

Meaning of Word Pulsar
Beams coming out from a pulsar
As I told you above that when Pulsars first discovered they were thought as some Intelligent being of the universe sending signals on Earth. But later when matter becomes obvious, then they were given the name of “Pulsars.” It seems that it is because of the pulsation and rhythmic beam of the star that scientists gave this name. The word Pulse and pulsate means to beat or to beat rhythmically, to move or throb with a strong regular rhythm.

What a miracle of Quran that it says in verse 2 of Surah Tariq that it is a star. Now please listen to the three Audio samples of the star beam/signals and you will be surprised if it is a star or someone knocking at your door. The Miracle of Quran is many folds and not only the star produce the sound of door-knocking by a human but also of the latest inventions related to door knocking like Doorbells and chimes. Below all sounds are of this star… look how it also resembles to modern bells, when its pulse at a higher rate.

Meaning of Word Saqib “ثَاقِب”

Pulsar magnetic field
Now come back to verses 1-3 of Surah Tariq. It gives three characteristics of that celestial object طَّارِق ِ. First is that it pulsates, and give the impression of knocking, beating. Second is that it is a star and lastly that it penetrates and pierces. Now the word “ثَاقِب” means piercing, opening holes, piercing and moving on. Now for the past generation, they consider the meaning as a bright star that pierces the darkness. But now look what new meanings it gives us with the modern scientific discoveries. You can think of it as made up of material so dense and heavy as I told you above that if we drop that spoonful matter on earth, it would pierce it and end up in its center.

Another Meaning
But more meaningful in other sense, as we know that Pulsars are neutron star which because of their dense mass distorts Spacetime. But if this distortion increases because of increased gravitational collapse, a point will be reached where that distortion would have grown so much that it could make a hole in Spacetime. Thus Piercing the fabric of Cosmos; the fabric of Spacetime.

The second word of verse 86:1 is divided into two morphological segments. A conjunction and active participle. The prefixed conjunction “wa” is usually translated as “and.” The active participle is masculine and is in the genitive case مجرور. The active participle’s root is (ط ر ق). This root occurs 11 times in the Quran, in three derived forms.

N – nominative masculine active participle اسم مرفوع

(ط ر ق): means night comer or one who knocks at the door, actually later meaning is literal. To come by night; beat something, knock, strike. Târiq طارقِ: One who comes or appears by night; Morning star that comes at the end of the night; Night-visitant; Star (in its generic sense). Tarîqan: Way; Path. Tarîqatu plu. Tarâ’iq طرائق: A way, course, rule, mode or manner of acting or conduct or the like whether approved or disapproved, often relating to the doctrines and practices of religion, state, condition. Tariqa” also means, a line or streak in a thing.

The second word of verse 86:3 is a masculine, active participle and is in the nominative case مرفوع. The active participle’s root is (ث ق ب). This root occurs twice in the Quran as the active participle thāqib (ثَاقِب).

ADJ – nominative masculine active participle صفة مرفوعة

(ث ق ب): Piercing/penetrating, piercing, piercing and moving on, or opening holes, “Hasab Saqib” Exalted or famous pedigree. ثَقب To shine, penetrate, perforate, pierce, spread (odor), soar aloft. Thâqib ثَاقِب (act. pic. m. sing.) Bright shining; Piercing through darkness; Piercing brightness; Brightly shining.